2018 7th annual pacific north west fly in

2018 7th annual pacific north west fly in

Located 28.9 miles south of missoula in the heart of the bitteroot valley and river. A must attend fly in for trikers of all sh
14th July 2018 12:00PM
Stevensville airport. Montana
This is a public event.


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Located in the heart of the beautiful bitteroot valley . Are 7th annual PNW fly in will be held from july 14 thru the 21st. With planned cross country flights, ridge soaring for light soaring trikes. Scenic cool summer flying the beautiful bitteroot river and hidden moutain lakes. We will have a dance band for 2 nights.( Nightliner) good ol rock and roll and ccountry.Sit around the montana campfire with all you on line pilot friend . 7 days of flying exsploring and down to earth fun for the cost of getting there. There is also some natural hot springs that pilots can hike up to on a non flying day. Cant wait to see you there

Camping and rvs are welcome at the airport and the stevensville airport has been very excited to have us!
Remember this is a non sanctioned event.
Hope to see you there


Please disregard the other 2 pnw events at shelton washington. It was unfortunate that we could not hold it there. I cannot figure out how to delete those 2 events thanks

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  • Carson Pryor
  • Dave Gibson
  • Garrett Porter
  • john caldwell
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  • Carson Pryor
    by Carson Pryor 1 month ago
    There will be 3 perhaps 5 of us traveling in a motor home with a covered trailer with one to two trikes. Looking forward to another great PNW Trike Fly-in as well as seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones.