Monument Valley Flyin

Monument Valley Flyin

SouthWest Sport Pilot Assoc. EAA Chapter 1521
7th January 2017 05:00AM
Bluff Utah
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MV Trikers Flyin - October 6-10, 2017

It's time for the "SouthWest Sport Pilot Association EAA 1521" Monument valley flyin at Bluff, Utah. Below is the Sky Vector link. Members, friends, family and guests are all welcome so don't hold back because you think you don't belong. The recapture lodge may still have some vacancies so best to call right away (435-672-2281) if you need lodging, otherwise airport camping is available and free but somewhat limited in space. The town is about a mile away with an RV park, Gas stations, shower and several decent resturants. Hiking trails and biking trails are abundant and the company is great. There are no hangers but there are limited tie downs and we can camp beside our wings. It's pretty much all trikes but there will be a couple of GA fixed wings there. Watch out for Ratttle Snakes.

This is the last flyin of the calendar year for the New Mexico Triker bunch so come on out and enjoy Monument Valley with us. Thanks, Frank

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