2018 7th annual pacific north west fly in

2018 7th annual pacific north west fly in

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26th August 2018 12:00PM
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Starting this up a bit early but i thought id put this up for a descuccion of where in the pnw do we want to hold the next fly in. Keep it in mind we cannot please everyone, but this is a good time for suggestions. Also do we want to change the dates as so they dont conflict with osh kosh? Keep in mind that final decisions will be made by the original organizers. T tabbs ,geo balaz, myself and henry imagwa. All suggestions will be based on aera safety for all levels of pilot skills. Acomidations and ease of acess and tfrs and mc weather.
Dont be afraid to make suggestions within the pnw and big thanks to ed evans ,leigh ann evans, and henry imagwa for all the planning and work they did also including lee homestead and community and everyone who attended to make this one of the largest most successful community fly ins in the country. Many friendships were made and piloting skills were demonstrated . Thanks david coy

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  • Dave Gibson
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  • Dave Gibson
    by Dave Gibson 6 months ago
    I will say that I love Polson but I would also like to go somewhere that I havent been.

    Shelton looks like it has lots of amenities, pastoral fields, beautiful rivers and shopping and dining nearby. the one thing that it lacks is the lake. If im not mistaken Davis coy said that it was close to some beaches though.
    As far as dates go Im good with the dates we have had in the past EG: JULY 25 -July 29 2018

    1st choice Shelton,Wa

    2nd choice Polson, MT
  • roger larson
    by roger larson 10 months ago
    Hopefully the dates will not be the same as Oshkosh. We will be coming from Arizona so distance plays a factor for me as well as others. Wherever you have it we hope to make it. I did talk to others this year that went to Oshkosh and said they would have gone to Sandpoint if it wasn't at the same time as Oshkosh.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 11 months ago
    The suggestions so far have included shelby washington where you can fly and land on the beach and hamilton montana . Please post your info and suggestions on the wall thanks