6th Annual Pacific Northwest Trike Fly-in

6th Annual Pacific Northwest Trike Fly-in

Fun time will begin here.
26th July 2017 08:00AM
1100 Airport Way
United States
This is a public event.



This is 6th Annual Summer Trike Fly-in. We had this events in various locations in the past 5 years, including Elk River ID, Polson MT and Bonners Ferry, ID. Thanks to white eagle, Tom Tabbert and Nathan White for their contribution. We are expecting 25 to 30 or more trikes coming this summer. Come and join us to meet many awesome trike pilots, their families and friends from all over Unites States and foreign countries. Event date: July/26/2017 to July/30/2017

Please refer to the FaceBook event page for more information.

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  • Jozinko Sajan
  • Henry Trikelife
  • Karl Evans
  • Tom  Tabbert
  • Carson Pryor
  • Joe Hockman
  • Walt Baydo
  • Chuck Tabbert
  • Glade Montgomery
  • Rebekah S
  • Dave Gibson

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  • David Janke

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  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 1 year ago
    After considering many factors including safety, camping site condition, accessibility, etc, we have decided to move the fly-in from Sandpoint Aiport (KSZT) to Olmstead Sky Ranch (ID25), private airstrip located 3.5 miles north of Sandpoint Airport.

    Olmstead Sky Ranch has the beautiful 3000 feet well maintained grass strip and nice grass camping site right next to the runway. They also have large lot for us to park our trailers, trucks and cars. We can park our RVs in common area. There is a water tap you can use for refilling your tank and cocking. It will be all dry comping during the fly-in. So please prepare your RVs before you come in.

    We are still working on few things. Shower may not be available to tent campers. The home owners at the airport are welcoming us. We can use the runway between 23rd to 30th July. So please schedule your trip accordingly.

    We will designate aircraft parking area right next to the runway. No hangar space is available at the airpark. Tie down straps, anchors and trike covers are essential. Ed Evans's hangar will be still available for pilots who want to keep their trikes in the hangar. ($15/night)

    Airprot info: http://www.airnav.com/airport/ID25

    Please use the following address for your driving navigation.
    34 Skyranch Drive Sandpoint, ID 83864

    I will contact every pilots soon for the final confirmation of your attendance. In the meantime, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Henry TrikeLife
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 1 year ago
    We have 40 trikes / 80 people coming to Sandpoint. It is a almost overwhelming result. We know there are many people still considering to attend. But, there is the limit of hangar space and camping space at the airport. We also think it is necessary to keep the event in a reasonable size for the safe airport operation. So, we would like to close for a new signing up here. Thank you.
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 1 year ago
    Glade, I'm glad to see you are coming to the fly-in !!
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Hey walt so glad you are atending again with your tanarg . I think we are going to have another record breaking attendance . Well over 30 trikes. I think we our planning a big barbaque and i would one day like to make my famous chille resipe for everyone. Were going to even have a better time than last year!
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Rebekah s. I look in to it. As i plan on being their a couple weeks earlier. I think their is a large grassy lot next to the airport that has been reserved for us with camping , and rv room. Most trikers like to be close to their trikes? Ill go take a look at that site . Thanks for suggesting it!
  • Rebekah S
    by Rebekah S 1 year ago
    Check out Talus Rock Retreat, http://talusrockretreat.com/ it looks big enough for a large group yet allows for privacy. There may be room for RV parking as well. Any thoughts or interest on sharing a place? This one is 3.5 miles from the airport.
  • Jozinko Sajan
    by Jozinko Sajan 1 year ago
    Thanks White Eagle to introducing me. Yea it will be my next great adventure in my life and Im sure the US pilots, the same as Australian pilots and Im sure the same as everyone trike pilot on the world are beautiful of their friendship. Im looking forward to visit you and see your beautiful country.
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 1 year ago
    Thanks for mentioning, white eagle !!
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Weather you fly a soaring nano trike ,elsa or 912 xc machine.
    Theirs plenty of flying and fun to be had by all. This is just a great place to fly with many of those you see reagulary on tps or alltrikes.
    It has always been the highlight of my year to get together and share this great sport with friends and new friends. Its very down to earth void of snobbery and growing larger every year.
    Lookin foward to seeing many of you there.
    For most of you who have not flown the pacific nw i urge you to discover the beauty of flying the tranquill wonders of wash, idaho and my great state of western montana.

    My good friend jozinko who many of you may know of here on tps and alltrikes i have the pleasure to tell you that he will be making the journey all the way from slovakia to fly with us.
    Jozinko and i became good friends here and flew together in the megga faunna fly in in austrailia . A 1700 mile flying adventure!
    Jozinko is the main cfi in slovokia, a talented pilot and has done incredible things promoting are sport in that part of the world.
    So please come and lets show joz just how incredable hospitable american pilots can be. Just like the australian pilots did for us in austrailia. Life changing memories!