elk river fly in 2016

elk river fly in 2016

an annual fly in started at elk river moving to different locations in the pacific nw
27th July 2016 12:00PM
Polsen montana
This is a public event.



Hi All due to safety and comfort reasons we are moving the pacific nw er fly in to polsen montana on flathead lake. The chelan canyon summer winds and no hanger space to get out of the heat would be to challenging . The dates will remain july 27 thru aug 1. Vinny is very happy to have us back. We will have 2 to three hangars availible uncluding a large one. Nathan will be bringing his famous washtub fire pit . And dan hollenback and myself will provide some live music. We will have a ping pong table as well as a vollyball tournament. A few boats for a tour of flathead lake. Sorry for any inconvienuance we may have caused but it was nessasary to move without hanger space.

So if any who would like to make a suggestion. Please feel free to do so. It will help with the planning thanks

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  • Darrell  Green
  • Joe Derrick
  • Henry Trikelife
  • Frank Dempsey
  • Joe Hockman
  • Dustin Woodhouse
  • Dave Gibson
  • Leo Iezzi

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  • Doug  Ferguson
  • Howard Benson

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  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    well ive been trying to do a headcount but it looks like we are going to break the record for pilot attendance.

    iam so happy that iam were finally all going to meet leo lezi and criss wills is coming again with his awesome machine. i talked with tom last night and he is just so upbeat getting ready to have a great time with new and old friends. geo text me a nice picture of his repair on his blue f-16 fatom trike. he just got done with a really nice flight. just looking forward to having a wonderful up beat down to earth fly in with everyone. so far iam seeing a headcount of over 25 pilots so i think we are going to break the record. there will be intro flights provided at the fly in for those who would like a ride. there will surely be a xc flight over to hot springs montana. very popular 2 years ago so bring your swim suits.

    i also want to mention that joe hockman is trailering all the way from delaware with his maverick with a solairus wing the last few years joe has been heading up the part 103 group such as myself and j ebb that like the soaring trike catagory so any of you who fly 103 come and enjoy flying with us.

    henry imagwa will be coming with leo fitzgerald for thous of you who have not had the privelege of meeting leo fitzgerald he just has a wealth of knowlege flying just about anything. and of course many of us are pretty excited to see henrys pretty incredable rev with the polini thor 250.

    iam making some calls and hope that we could get a new aeros ant for everyone to see.

    it would be awesome if we could get kameron to come its not that far from chelan .

    so bring your happy faces horse shoes, volly balls, ping pong paddles ,swim suits and lets make this the best one yet.

    todd ware will be working on some advertising for us and setting up an open house day for the general public. Great way to promote our sport and those cfis that want to make a few bucks can doing introductory flights

    be safe everyone thanks
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    I WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE KNEW THAT WE HAVE MOVED THE FLY IN TO POLSON MONTANA FOR JULY 27 THRU AUG 1ST. please hit the rsvp button if you plan to attend . so far we have about sixteen trikes planning on attending hi all i confirmed today that we will have some room in vinnys hanger , another medium sized hanger and the large hanger that we had two years ago availible in case of bad weather. So far we are looking at another sixteen pilots planning on attending. IF anyone has a ping pong table or a volly ball and net they could bring please contact me at 406-214-0850 . if not i will go out and find one. Dave g do you know if dean and his wife are coming if so let me know so i can get a good head count. weather has been much cooler than the rest of the country so we should have some pretty good flying.

    i WANTED TO MENTION we have a small group of soaring trike pilots including myself . ultratrikepilot and j ebb that are planning on flying mt mcdonald (the highest peak in the mission range, 9.820 ft lat 47.38300 deg north and longatuide 113.918 deg west) WEATHER AND WIND CONDITIONS PERMITTING. The mission range is has a vertical rise of 6.ooo ft and should offer an incredible lift ban . there are also some soarable smaller hills a hop skip and jump away from polsen that we soared 2 years ago.

    tom tabbs and george balaz will head up and lead the 912 xc events with of course some breath taking places to fly including glacier as wind permits.

    And once again a short hop to the west over to hot springs montana to grab the courtesy car and soak in the rich mineral springs water and nice flight back to polson on flathead lake to injoy nathans famous washtub fire pit.

    if we are all lucky maybe we could talk tom into a video lecture on the glacier floods that happened here from lake missoula by any means will see you there?
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    Dustin ty for signing on. It will be awesome for us all to meet you. Youll have to lead the charge to the pastry shop?
  • Dustin Woodhouse
    by Dustin Woodhouse 2 years ago
    Sounds like a lot of fun. Would be fun to make a stop at Stehekin and bike in to the bakery for pastries! The airstrip stocks a few bikes for pilots, and the pastries are amazing.
  • Dave Gibson
    by Dave Gibson 2 years ago
    Lake Chelan is an awesome spot.