Memorial Day Light Sport Aviation Rally

Memorial Day Light Sport Aviation Rally

Memorial Day Light Sport Aviation Rally to Be Held in Deer Park, Washington May 24th, 25th and 26th
23rd May 2013 05:00PM
KDEW - Deer Park, Washington
Owner: George B
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Pre-Registration is now open for our 2013 Memorial Day Rallies. Please take a minute and use the PREGISTRATION FORM to let us know what events you might be at. Pre-registration is not required but definitely helps us plan ahead. There is no cost to register.
Memorial Day Light Sport Aviation Rally to Be Held in Deer Park, Washington May 24th, 25th and 26th

March 25, 2013

EAA Ultralight Chapter 127 announced that their annual Memorial Day Light Sport Aviation Rally will be held this year at the Deer Park Municipal Airport located on the outskirts of Deer Park, Washington. This event is in its 22nd consecutive year having started by Six Chuter Powered Parachutes Inc. near Yakima, Washington. The flying club, a chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, has since taken responsibility for the annual event. The flying club boasts nearly 130 active members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California and explains that the club has expanded beyond powered parachutes to a club of members who fly all types of ultralight and light sport aircraft. These include powered parachutes, weight shift and airplanes. The club has a practice of moving the event to various locales every few years so that members can enjoy flying various regions in the Pacific Northwest and also so that the club can connect with communities throughout the region.

Preston Linker is the club’s designated community coordinator for this year’s event and explained that he has been flying his aircraft (a powered parachute and an airplane) out of the Deer Park Airport for over a year now. He said that Deer Park was chosen for the event partly because the club has not flown this area of the Pacific Northwest for several years but also because of the Airport Management’s willingness to embrace the event. Preston reports that the surrounding area provides great open areas to fly and also a variety of community activities to participate in when not flying.

One of the objectives of the club is to introduce the community to light sport aviation. The event will be open each of the three event days to the public with no admission charge. Families are invited to attend, meet club members, view an incredible variety of flying machines, watch various flying activities including a “spot landing” contest and a “bean bag” bomb the target competition. “Discovery Flights” that are :15 minute flights around the airport will be offered. The cost for these flights are $40. The minimum age for taking a flight is age 12. Linker noted that all event activities and particularly the Discovery Flights are totally dependent on the weather. The club will also be conducting a variety of aviation oriented “forums” from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. There will be portable restrooms on site and also a local food vendor.

The daily flying schedule begins at 6:00 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and generally continues until sundown. The Discovery flights usually start early before the wind picks up and will be handled on a first come, first serve basis and again are dependent on weather and also instructor availability. Because the event is at an active airport, Linker pointed out that it will be important for parents to closely supervise their children.

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For additional information, check out the “events tab” on the Western Sport Pilot Association website or email to request specific information. The local coordinator contact is Preston Linker, telephone 509 999-1977

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